龍 火 坑 大
Tai Hang Fire Dragon


Update News:

大坑火龍童話故事 (-目前只有英文版本童話提供參閱-) -
當四歲的英格-Ingrid 遇見及看了大坑火龍後給予她面對困難的重大啟發!!!


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The Golden Age
Marianne, Andersen

Four-year-old Ingrid lives a charmed, serene life in Hong Kong. It is a magical world rife with dragons, trolls, elves, and daily wonder due to her fascination with nature. But upon turning five, she becomes increasingly aware that dangerous animals, bacteria, and diseases also lurk in her world, and that they are capable of tearing her life apart, like villains from her storybooks. Will Ingrid discover the true magic that she possesses, and will she know how to use it? Or she will lose all that she cherishes